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Thank you for participating in the 5th ASEAN RUBBER CONFERENCE. We would like to make this as a yearly event where various players in the rubber industry meet and exchange views on the major challenges and opportunities within the industry. We would thus appreciate your frank feedback on this conference to help us in organizing future conferences. Please complete the following form.

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Program Methodology
1. Did the conference achieve its aims as set out in the programme?
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2. In what areas did you benefit from attending the conference?
3. Which 2 presentations were you most interested in?
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Knowledge gained:
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Knowledge gained:
4. How was the time allocated for each presentation?
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5. How would you rate the number of presentations covered within the one day programme?
Just right      Too many      Too few
6. How did you find the one-day conference?
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7. Generally how would you rate the topics presented?
Poor      Fair      Good      Excellent
8. How was the quality of audio-visual equipment used by the organizer?
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9. How would you rate the pre-event study tour? (for those who participated in the tour)
Not participated      Not useful      Gained some knowledge

General Information
1. How did you come to know about this conference?
Brochure mailed to me
ARBC affiliates
Inter-company communication
From our Telemarketers
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2. Please indicate the reason for your participation? (You may tick more than one if applicable)
Company interest
Nominated to attend
The quality of the guest speakers for the conference
The quality of overall programme
Seeking business opportunities in Philippines
Others, please specify:
3. Did our brochure provide you with adequate and precise information about the event?
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4. How would you rate the ARC secretariat staff in terms of quality of service and courtesy?
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5. Indicate 3 other topics that you think should have been included in such a conference?
6. In which city would you like the ARC to be hosted next year?
7. Is there anyone you know whom we should invite as a speaker for our future conferences?
8. Would you like to be a speaker at our future conferences?
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If yes, what would be the title:
9. Would your organization be keen to participate in future conferences?
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